Pet Society

Create your pet and have fun with your friends via Facebook



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Pet Society is an online video game similar to the Nintendo classic 'Animal Crossing', in which you must create an avatar in the form of a little pet dog or cat and live in a city full of friends.

The character creator is very comprehensive and will allow you to modify dozens of details: head shape, ears, nose, eyes, and spots on their fur, among others. There are thousands of combinations.

Once you have your avatar, you can do all kinds of activities, from shopping to improve the look of your house, to completing an obstacle course, or visiting and interacting with your friends.

The most fun part of Pet Society, is the ability to link your pet with those of your Facebook contacts. You can give them gifts, compete in the stadium, give hugs, or simply go to visit one of their houses.

Pet Society is a very fun game for all users, because despite its childish aspect, it offers a great number of very interesting possibilities.
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